Be more self confident when dealing with client interactions

1 Day Workshop
Designed for

Those wishing to sharpen their skills when interacting with clients.

The Programme – 1 Day

The aim of this high impact training session is to equip you with the skills and expertise to represent your company with confidence and professionalism in a range of challenging and pressurised client facing situations. This highly interactive programme will focus on cultivating a communication style that significantly enhances your relationship with clients – how to win clients’ confidence and the steps to positive rapport building. You will acquire the necessary planning skills to build a professional image and creditability with clients.


Delivery Methodology

Group work, individual tasks, simulation exercises using CCTV and workbook exercises with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout. This course is extremely interactive providing participants with the opportunity to prepare and practice their skills.

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“Excellent content, very helpful trainer. The content was interesting and the trainer kept everyone actively involved”

Gillian French, Sales, Argus Car Hire