1 Day Workshop

Finance is the life blood of a company

Designed for
For Business Managers interested in enhanced skills of financial management who want to deal knowledgably and confidently with financial information and be able to interpret figures and understand what lies behind them.

The Programme
This practically based workshop covers the fundamentals of finance and will focus on equipping you with an understanding of key financial principles  in order to communicate better with  accountants,  effectively understand the financial management of a business and/ or  contribute more effectively to the management team.

You will gain a particular understanding of the skills of monitoring and conserving cash flow and be able to analyse your company’s performance,  put controls in place and enhance your decision making, spot and manage financial risks and ultimately communicate more effectively in relation to the financial management issues.


Delivery Methodology

Group work, individual tasks with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout.  This course will be extremely interactive providing participants with the opportunity to practice their skills.  Our Specialist Trainers  are very hands-on in their delivery style and will provide each participant with tools and techniques ready for immediate use.

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"Simple examples, well thought out and easy to follow - I learned so much"

Fiona Hedigan, CEO of Fiona Hedigan & Associates Ltd.