The Train the Trainer qualification has been updated and replaced with the new Training & Development Special Purpose Award (6S3372).

There are now 2 Component Awards as part of this Full award:

Component 1: Certificate in Training Needs Identification & Design – Component Award (6N3325)

Component 2: Certificate in Training Delivery & Evaluation – Component Award (6N3326)

Programme Overview:

Optimum’s certificate in Training Delivery & Evaluation programme is a classroom based training component award which makes component 2 of the new QQI Level 6 Training & Development Special Purpose Award. Formerly known as, Train the Trainer.

Designed for:

The course is designed to enable participants to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver and evaluate training bespoke to their organisations.

Our programme is highly participative and our specialised trainer will employ a range of learning methods and approaches to enable each participant to immediately implement the skills and knowledge obtained into their workplace.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this module, participants will:

  • Be aware of adult learning theory and implement these principles in their workplace when designing and delivering
  • Develop the skills to write training objectives for planned training activities
  • Thoroughly understand the role and identify the competences of an effective trainer
  • Be able to prepare effectively for training delivery
  • Demonstrate the skills required for effective delivery of training programmes
  • Be skilled in Identifying a range of assessment tools, techniques and approaches and devise an appropriate strategy for the assessment of learning
  • Improve their ability to Evaluate training and identify a range of evaluation tools.

Duration:  4 Days Training to include the Skills Demonstration

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Optimum’s certificate in Training Needs Identification & Design programme is an online eLearning component award which makes component 1 of the new QQI Level 6 Training & Development Special Purpose Award.

This online Training Needs Identification & Design Level 6 Award provides learners with the knowledge, skill and competence to identify training and development needs at an organisation and or individual level. It offers learners the opportunity to learn the skills of devising a training plan and to explore the scope of training and development design.

Designed for:

The course is designed for both new and experienced trainers, consultants and those all already involved in training development, delivery and in HR roles. It is also designed for those who wish to receive an approved National Qualification.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Examine the internal and external environmental factors influencing training and development requirements
  • Differentiate between the concepts of learning, training, development and education
  • Examine & Outline the benefits of training needs analysis at an organisation and or individual level
  • Assess a range of approaches and techniques to conduct a training needs analysis and a range of Instructional System Design (ISD) models
  • Apply a comprehensive range of specialised skills and tools in identifying the barriers to training and attitudes to training in an organisation
  • Devise a training plan based on prioritised training needs to include a cost benefit analysis
  • Design a training intervention, that incorporates a range of design factors to include trainees, adult learning theories, motivation theories, objectives, exercises, training methods, learning aids, location and facilities
  • Evaluate a range of performance management approaches in the context of identifying training and development needs
  • Conduct a Training Needs Analysis(TNA) to identify training and development needs for an organisation and or individual

Duration:  ELearning platform: 10-12 Weeks full access from the first successful login


"Train the Trainer has been relevant to any role I have had in the last 3 years and it has been one of the most interesting courses I have taken in my life."

Fabrizia Alonzo, Senior Business Planning and Operations Analyst, Yahoo

“Excellent content, relevant and detailed. excellently delivery, clear and professional”

Paul Moles, Senior Underwriter, Royal Sun Alliance

"10 out of 10. The importance of conducting an evaluation was an eye opener"

Oliver Mueller Camile Thai Takeaway

"Hugely relevant to all areas of presentation, ways to hold yourself and come across as confident and comfortable. An excellent workshop and programme"

Laura O'Shea