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Those wishing to develop a range of practical techniques and want to achieve reader-friendly writing style to make their ideas more attractive to the reader.

The Programme – I Day

Every written communication involves the writer, the reader and the message itself. In order for the message to be understood the writer must clarify his or her ideas, order the information, select the right words and present it in a way which is understandable. The reader’s role is to read, to check understanding, to provide feedback and to act on the results. As a result it should be clear that the most important person in this relationship is the reader. The message must be geared to the needs of the reader(s). This high impact workshop will focus on providing a useful guide to report writing and a checklist to use for every report.

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Delivery Methodology

This course is comprised of formal tuition, group work and individual practice exercises.  Our training workshops are of the highest quality in terms of learning experience. We provide practical tools, methods, ideas and workshop handbooks  – all carefully chosen for the specific target audience. This concentrated programme can immediately be applied in the workplace.

Excellent insight into what you need to know about for effective Business Writing

Derek Flynn of Windsor Group