It is not always enough to be the best at anything people need to acquire the tools to convince others of that fact. Maximise your Career Development potential by availing of specialist training in this very important area. For details please click on the programmes below:

Career Planning for Organisations
Competency Based Interview Approach
CV Design & Development

These training workshop will help participants to explore their current skills and capabilities and will support them in identifying those required to progress internally as opportunities begin to arise in their companies. It will provide the opportunity for participants to identify their transferable skills, their key strengths and also any areas for awareness which require attention to support progression. It will support participants in setting and achieving realistic personal and career goals.

In order to support career progression, participants will be introduced to competency-based interviewing and learn the key behaviours required in order to be a successful interviewee. Participants will complete an interview practice which will call into action the key learnings from this course.  These practice interviews will be carried out in groups using pre-set interview questions using competency based  approach.

Career Development for Organisations

"Very high quality – Plenty of content and lots of opportunities for engagement and learning."

Jane Forman, Programme Executive, Atlantic Philanthropies.

"Very relevant in helping me decide what road to take in the future."

Michael Lynch