Supporting internal progression

This training workshop has been designed to provide participants with the opportunity to identify their transferable skills, their key strengths and also any areas for awareness which require attention to support progression.

It will support participants in setting and achieving realistic personal and career goals.

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Interview Skills



The workshop was very relevant for me. The trainer was very effective.

Jim Somers, CEO, Eblana Photonics

The workshop was interesting and very motivating. The trainer was insightful & an excellent communicator.

Olivia Slater, Senior Product Engineer, Powervation

The workshop was perfect timing for me and was an inspiration. The trainer was excellent .

Miriam O’ Keeffe, OPS Manager, American Chamber of Commerce

The workshop was very good and very enjoyable, lots of class interaction. The trainer was excellent, everything was presented very clearly.

William Henry, Chief Commercial Officer, infiniLED