Coaching is one of the most effective methods of enhancing performance. It involves deliberate and specific activities that are designed to help people develop their skills by learning on the job. A good coach leads highly productive teams who are keen to learn new skills and as a result significantly increase the cost effectiveness and efficiency of their department/ organisation. The programme will focus on empowerment through effective coaching and on the methods by which managers develop the performance of individuals in their team.

Programme Objectives:

Through this programme participants will learn to develop a coaching style which meets individual and business needs.
Participants will explore practical methods to providing effective feedback to others in a way that encourages positive change and they will understand how to coach to improve individual performance.
They will understand the relationship between coaching and other performance management techniques and will understand the key coaching styles (input and output) & learn to put these into action.

This programme will provide training across the following areas:
– Exploring Coaching Skills, Challenges and Rewards
– The Characteristics of an Effective Coach
– Developing your Coaching Style
– Understanding Learning Styles
– Motivating Others & Providing Effective Feedback