Designed for

Those who want to communicate more effectively at all levels in a variety of situations

The Programme – 1 Day

You will learn that effective communication requires a complex mix of skill and style and an ability to adapt to different personality types. To consistently achieve successful outcomes, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of what really happens during the process of communication. You will be provided with practical tools on how to communicate assertively and deal with difficult situations. This course introduces delegates to the fundamental dynamics of high impact communication. We will help you to become an effective communicator who can absorb other people’s views and clearly communicate your own.

Success is a choice – let us take you there

Delivery Methodology

Group work, individual tasks, simulation exercises using CCTV and workbook exercises with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout. This course is extremely interactive providing participants with the opportunity to prepare and practice their skills.

Brilliant and very relevant

Brenda Byrne, Windsor Motors

‘Great session and we focused on the barriers that affect effective communications and developing skills and tactics to overcome them’

“It was excellent; I learned some great tools –emotional intelligence, awareness and assertiveness in management”