Interview Preparation (one to one coaching)

Maximising your Potential
The interview represents the principle method by which recruitment decisions are made. An Optimum Career Coach will provide advice and guidance on one to one basis. This coaching will inform you of the techniques and practices that will aid you to perform at your optimum level at interviews.

Interview Skills Training – Duration 1 Day

Enabling you to perform at interviews with impact
During the Interview Skills Training, participants will understand the basis of the competency based interview and the methods that employers use to assess candidates. This course is extremely interactive providing participants with the opportunity to prepare and practice their skills and receive feedback.

Interviewing Skills Training – Duration 1 Day

Mastering your interviewing skill
The main focus of this training course is the interview process and what is the best approach to obtain the relevant information from candidates to determine if they would be a good fit for your organisation. This course will give you the tools and techniques needed to structure your interviews and ask the right questions to get the right person. This practical Interviewing Skills Course will give anyone involved in the recruitment process a best practice approach to performing effective interviews.

“I have very little interview experience & found the interview preparation on the programme to be of great benefit. The mock interview was excellent preparation for me & the feedback very useful”

Sarah QuinlanKickstart Programme -Kildare Leader Partnership

" I now have the confidence to perform interviews and select the right candidate"

Sarah Hanan Hickey's Pharmacies

"I have been on a lot of training courses and this has been by far the most informative and relevant to me"

Patricia Doyle Hickey's Pharmacies

“The training gave me confidence to actually believe in my own abilities and it was good to have a practice interview to keep on top of the process”

Graham PatchellKickstart Programme - Kidare Leader Partnership