Designed for

Managers and Supervisors who want to examine safe disciplinary practice and demonstrate tried and tested ways to ‘turn around’ poorly performing employees.

The Programme – 1 Day

The aim of this workshop is to provide a practical insight into the handling of disciplinary and dismissal issues including:

  • How to avoid disciplinary problems in the first place
  • How to create disciplinary rules and disciplinary procedures
  • How to deal with disciplinary issues that do occur.
  • When dismissal is, and when it is not, the best option

Success is a choice – let us take you there

Delivery Methodology

This interactive an practical workshop will equip each delegate to be more confident in carrying out discipline meetings and interview effectively. Our Specialist Trainer will   encourage delegates to practice the skills needed for successful appraisals. We use a number of training methods including role-play, video and group exercises to enhance the learning process.

"Training was excellent. It has prompted me to look at our internal process & procedures to ensure that they are tighter"

Melissa O'Donnell - Lily O'Brien's

"Training was to a very high standard and in the event I needed to carry out the disciplinary procedure, I can now do so effectively"

Rhonda O'Reilly - Pasta Concepts