Research shows that the best leaders, those who take a longer term view and engage their team; create energising environments that can improve bottom line performance by up to 30 per cent. (Research conducted by Hay Group). It has also been found that the difference between a manager who creates a demotivating climate to work in and one who creates a high performing one is down to leadership style. The programme emphasis will be on understanding leadership style, how to apply emotional intelligence to develop trust, identity and efficacy in the workplace ensuring participation, co-operation and collaboration within teams and ultimately leading to better decisions and higher productivity. The workshop will provide participants with a practical toolkit of interpersonal skills and technical skills to apply to the business challenges with which they are faced.This programme is aimed at high potential managers who are seeking to develop their skills to climb the career ladder and manage both business and people in a more dynamic and effective way

Programme Content

Module 1 – Enhancing Leadership
Module 2 – Leadership in Practice
Module 3 – Coaching for Performance
Module 4 – Business Planning
Module 5 – Financial Planning