Designed for

Individuals who want to maximize their ability and effectiveness in negotiation situations and gain valuable tools and tactics for all stages of negotiation.

The Programme – 1 day

This programme presents strategies for negotiating in business or in daily situations. It covers techniques for developing a negotiation plan, identifying common types of negotiating and mastering power imbalances. It highlights the importance of the use of language and body language and how to control your emotions and re-actions in negotiations. You will be provided with techniques on how to take advantage of timing and asking the right questions in progressing a negotiation. The programme will explore various approaches on building goodwill while developing consensus.

Success is a choice – let us take you there

Delivery Methodology

Formal Tuition, Group Work and individual practice exercises. Our training workshops are a high quality learning experience, a concentrated programme of practical knowledge that can have immediate application in the workplace. We provide practical tools, methods and ideas and workshop handbooks carefully compiled for the target audience.

“The course was excellent. The best evaluation I can give is that I would gladly recommend Optimum to my colleagues and friends”

Patrick Richards, CEO, Quality Information Systems

"High standard course, I would recommend, very useful to learn what is acceptable in a business situation/meeting/negotiation - and to not be afraid to be myself"

Louise DillonLily O'Briens Chocolates

"Very relevant to me, I've learned how to be direct and assertive and we also discussed how to target new suppliers"

Michael O'Sullivan