Steps to success

Designed For

Individuals who want to maximise their ability and effectiveness in negotiation situations. Participants will be provided with frameworks to strengthen their negotiation skills and valuable tools and tactics for all stages of negotiation.

The workshop will cover:

  • Conducting the negotiation – a structured negotiation approach
  • Identifying common types of negotiating and mastering power imbalances
  • the importance of the effective use of language and body language
  • How to control your emotions and re-actions in negotiations
  • How to take advantage of timing and asking the right questions in progressing a negotiation.
  • How to build goodwill while developing consensus
  • Bargaining effectively and securing gain in a negotiation.
Delivery Methodology

Group work, individual tasks, simulation exercises and workbook exercises with a strong emphasis on practical application throughout. Several negotiation scenarios will be explored with tips for effective, practical negotiation techniques to apply to these situations.