When considering decreasing costs in a business it is just as important to focus on increasing sales. Selling in today’s environment is not just the responsibility of the sales team, everyone in the business has a role to play. This programme is designed to look at the key skills required to successfully sell to existing customers and build relationships for future business. As this is a workshop participants will have an opportunity to develop and practice effective sales and customer service techniques throughout the programme. Participants will also understand the best practice methods to implement these skills directly in the workplace to develop customer loyalty and increase sales.

Designed For
Selling is a contact sport, and like sports people sales people must perfect and practice their skills on a regular basis – open to all sales people.
Delivery Methodology
This course is made highly participative by the use of a variety of learning techniques. They include group discussions, feedback, exercises, practical case studies and tailored role plays to allow the participants to apply the training workshop. All course content is carefully chosen to support product or service led businesses.

“Excellent quality of content, excellent workshop facilitator“

Laura Cassidy, Laura Cassidy Design

"Excellent training course. Fantastic flow and very engaging. Really enjoyed it and the best so far"

Ciara Moen

“This was a fantastic workshop – tied to reflecting on customer personalities, excellent quality of content and the standard was brilliant, really got a lot out of the day.”

Sarah Taverty, VHISales Training