Optimum Limited are proud to announce that we will be participating in the Four Day Week Pilot commencing on the 31st of January 2022.

This pilot initiative forms part of an international collaboration with 4 Day Week Global. It will run on a co-ordinated, parallel basis in several countries including the United States, UK, and New Zealand. Research is being conducted by University College Dublin and Boston College where the aim is to understand how moving to a shorter week affects people’s lives in Ireland and a global context.


How it works:

It means we will not be trying to do a 5 day week in 4 days but will be ensuring we are more productive, applying time management best practice principles while ensuring the business comes first for all our clients. Optimum’s service standards are sacrosanct. The ethos of our business is to be progressive, dynamic and an enjoyable place to work and we believe in supporting our team, their wellbeing and work/life balance decisions.


Optimum will continue to provide a 5 day service delivery for all our clients.

The Optimum team aims to

  • Maintain/ increase our productivity levels with an enhanced focus, renewed energy levels and determination
  • Remain client focussed and continue to deliver exceptional service every time
  • Be innovative and courageous in determining new ways of working

We will be staying close to our clients and asking you to provide feedback as we continue the journey of a new way of working.

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